Change Your Diet, Change the World

Car wreck
Did a bad diet cause this?

At the beginning of 2016, some speeding lunatic on the 405 took out the car on her left and me to her right, before spinning out and removing the entire front of her own vehicle.  She totaled all three of us, shut down three lanes of the 405—which made her very popular with all her fellow drivers—and I had to lay to rest my beloved Scion TC of 11 years.

Later that day, the Uber driver picked me up to take me to Hertz.  “How has your day been?” he asked.  Huh.  “I’ve been better…but at least I’m alive.”  I told him about Speeding Lunatic and he told me about the psychopath doctor who had assaulted his fellow Uber driver that week.  “You know what I think it is,” Mr. Uber offered, “and people think I’m crazy for saying this…it’s the food.”  Amen!

No, I don’t have a PubMed study directly linking assaults on Uber drivers to artificial sweeteners, but something is clearly wrong with the energy of this country.  And while I don’t think changing the food supply will entirely solve the problems of internet trolls, corporate corruption, police brutality, mass shootings, or the terrifying joke that is the state of our political system, I do believe it is foundational to getting us out of the cluster you-know-what we find ourselves in.

As an example, our food supply is highly estrogenic.  From soy to plastic containers, endocrine disruptors are everywhere (don’t get me started on personal care products).  Soy lecithin is in everything as an emulsifier to make your sauces, dressings, and chocolates creamy and smooth.  And so many of your beverages and prepared foods are packaged in plastic which leaches estrogen.  Little by little, all of this adds up to enough to hinder your brain.  I’m not kidding.  There are tons of studies you can find on PubMed linking impaired cognitive ability to phytoestrogens.

Now Estrogen Brain may or may not have contributed to Speeding Lunatic’s brain fog that morning.  Point is, there are a LOT of things out there making us sick in all kinds of ways and my Uber driver hit the nail on the head—so much of it is in our “food.”  I can’t even call it food.  Artificial sweeteners and emulsifiers unbalance gut flora.  Did you know most of your neurotransmitters are produced in the gut?  Yes, gut health determines your state of mind!  Soy (unless it’s non-GMO) and plastics slow down cognitive function.  Genetically engineered super gluten, pesticides and herbicides, and products from hormone-treated and grain fed animals are all highly inflammatory.  These things make people chronically sick.  Sick people don’t feel well.  This makes them angry and do stupid things.

No, cleaning up our eating habits alone will not solve all our problems but it’s a start.  The start.  Cooler heads will not prevail until we are thinking clearly, and clear thinking starts with what we put into our bodies.