Tiffany climbing Mt. F-ing Everest!

“You got me pointed in the right direction and though it took me awhile to embrace my health again, I finally did it–got moving and lost 50 pounds, which allowed me to take my ass all the way up to Everest Base Camp :D!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a role model and inspiration !”–Tiffany Materne Kemppainen

“I came to Teri to find a solution to shaky hands at auditions and not only did I get that, I also, in the process, got a cure to stomach problems that had been controlling my life for years. I went from having daily stomach aches to maybe about having 6 a year. Teri taught me what my body needed not just for performance, but also for life. I can’t thank her enough for not only helping me be my best, but also for making me feel my best and giving me my life back. (And I got skinnier in the process, which was a real added bonus!)

Later, I called her after I had spent hundreds of dollars on creams from a fancy Beverly Hills dermatologist to cure my eczema, with no results. Within 3 weeks of going off the creams the doctor recommended and following a meal plan Teri laid out for me, my eczema is completely gone and I feel great as well. She’s pure magic and my secret weapon. I recommend her all the time to friends and recommend her to you as well.”–Jessica Kinsella

“Wow, what a difference!  I went from a stubborn non-believer to an amazed believer after going through Teri’s nutritional program.  I walked into her office after 6 weeks of intense gym workouts, complaining about not seeing any results.  After the first consultation, Teri had me convinced that WHAT and HOW I was eating and drinking was the culprit.  So I tried out her program and instantly started seeing results.  In three months, I went from 21% body fat down to 8%.  I never in my life have seen my body go through this type of positive change.  The small goals led to big gains and its very, very exciting.  I highly recommend Teri to breakdown the science of nutrition for anyone — it totally works!!!”–Anthony Ushino

“Going in to my first appointment with Teri, I was TERRIFIED that aside from a very strict meal plan (which I was relatively confident that I could follow) she will have me go to the gym every day and do crazy cardio and weights lifting. I HATE the gym and everything associated with it; plus, I can’t run, due to an old knee injury. My fears went away fastJ She built everything about my exiting routine – there was no mandatory gym time, which made me so happy. And to be honest, it made the whole process easier and more enjoyable for me. 

Things I like to eat or don’t like much – we focused on that. Teri has been very easy to reach via email (which is my favorite way of communication, plus points!), I had some concerns while traveling abroad, I was able to get responses very promptly. Prior to my trips, she helped me with ideas of how to keep the diet going. Very supportive and at the same time very serious/strict about the rulesJ my lifestyle changed – it was a mess before, from a dietary POV; I have learned so much from her, she truly changed my life for better. I have tried all other diets that you can think of…nothing worked for me. Until I went to see Teri, at my M.D.’s suggestion. I’ll never forget what he said: “you want to lose weight? Teri is the best in town and she is the only one I recommend for you”. Even with those words in mind a was a bit reluctant, but I saw changes right away. Tip: first couple of weeks are always harder, as you probably will change A LOT in your (bad) eating habits. After that, it gets so much easier and you actually feel good. I never went hungry; I could have dark chocolate, fruit and even drink if I wanted to. Teri is a 5 star professional and recommend her with all my heart.”–Alex C.

“Great Experience!! Great Results!! I was a “First Time Dieter” when I came to Teri so the experience of paying close attention to meals and “frequency” of eating were challenging for me at first. I’m 60 years old, work out 5 – 6 times a week and eat very clean and healthy. The problem was that my body metabolism changed over time and my diet didn’t. Casual wine/alcohol 3 – 5 times a week, with cheese, etc., has a CUMULATIVE effect over the years!  I can get very focused in a work task and skip a meal, then make up for that missed meal in the next meal. Essentially plowing in a ton of food in one meal. NOT GOOD!!  
Now, I eat three meals a day at consistent intervals and snacks in between. More food at consistent intervals! I got a great education on “Body Fat vs. Muscle”. My goal was to lose 15 lbs. After 6 weeks I lost 7 lbs BUT cut my BODY FAT in HALF!! I really got caught up on the POUNDS. By cutting Body Fat in half I feel like I have lost 15 lbs!  I feel great, have increased energy, and most important I have a Meal Plan as opposed to a DIET. 
I’m not on a DIET, I just changed the way I eat!”–Carl Balton